Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

The Restless Legs foundation describes the condition as follows: a neurological condition that also holds many secrets for the medical world. But much of which is already known. In any case, it is a serious condition, for both the patient and his / her loved ones. RLS is a neurological disorder that in many cases does not resolve and may worsen with age. The symptoms can be controlled, unfortunately not (yet) the condition itself. Fortunately, Relegs is now also one of the solutions.

diagnosis restless legs syndrome note

Diagnosis is difficult

Although RLS is usually not diagnosed until middle-aged people, many patients, especially with primary RLS, can recall having it from a young age. Often the symptoms were called growing pains, or the children were called hyperactive because it was difficult for them to sit still. Over time, the body becomes so fatigued by the occurring lack of sleep, or sleep of a good quality, that measures are necessary. In the first instance, it does not have to be medicines. If these alternatives, such as Relegs, do not provide relief, it may be necessary to switch to medication prescribed by your doctor. International scientific research is increasingly being conducted into the causes of RLS, but the last word has not yet been said.

More information

For more general information about RLS, please visit the website of the Restless Legs Foundation. On the website the clinical picture and the symptoms of RLS are also clearly described, along with a number of practical tips.

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