How do you recognize restless legs?

Restless legs, Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS for short, can have a major impact on your life. Because of a bad feeling in your legs you have the urge to move them. For most people, the symptoms are worst in the evening or before you go to sleep.  

RLS occurs in about 6% of the population. Restless Legs Syndrome is a well-known problem and with the technique of Relegs you can easily reduce the complaints.

But how do you recognize RLS? Possible from one of these 5 symptoms or consequences:

Feeling restless in your legs

You experience a difficult to describe and restless feeling in your legs. Many people suffer from RLS without really realizing it. Restless legs are a 'vague' complaint for many: you feel something, but it is difficult to describe it. Jumping legs, tickling legs, disco legs: this restless feeling has many (by) names.

You can feel this when sitting still for a long time in the office, in a cinema / theater or on an airplane. And at home on the couch, or when you lie in bed and go to sleep, or at other times when your legs are resting.

The symptoms of RLS do not have to show themselves constantly. For some, the complaints become stronger during periods of stress, for others the RLS complaints are more pronounced in situations that are intended for rest, such as during a holiday.

The urge to move your legs at rest

The most recognizable symptom of RLS is feeling the urge to move. Especially when you sit or lie down for a longer period of time, this can start to play.

You experience a difficult to describe feeling in your legs which gives you the urge to move your legs. You have to get up, stretch, wiggle - move.

Complaints disappear when you move your legs  

As soon as you move the legs, the unpleasant feeling in the legs disappears or diminishes, but if you keep the legs still, the unpleasant feeling will unfortunately return just as quickly.

Most leg complaints before going to bed

It is not necessary, but for most people who suffer from RLS, the time for falling asleep is the worst. When your body completely relaxes to fall asleep, the restless feeling starts.

Wobble, shake, tickle: your legs do all sorts of things and hinder your night's rest.

You get tired

The impact that RLS has on your energy level can be significant. If you do not relax during your moments of rest, you will remain tired. In this way, RLS has a big role in your life. You want to get rid of this!

Solution for RLS

Mute the restless feeling in your legs: that is what you want to do best. This is possible with Relegs technology. By tapping on the stimulator you muffle the restless feeling, and you can really relax.

Relegs was developed by physician Casper van Waveren, in collaboration with aerospace engineer Erik van der Heide. Casper is an RLS patient himself and is familiar with all possible treatment methods. He was looking for a useful solution for every RLS situation, with immediate effect and without side effects. This is how Relegs was created.

Would you like to know more about our solution? Then read on here. Do you want to try Relegs right away? That's possible, order it right away. And don't forget: if it doesn't work for you, you can just return your Relegs and get your money back.  
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