Visiting Ank van Leeuwen: “I got rid of my RLS after 50 years”


“After more than fifty years I got rid of my RLS”

Dead tired and depressed from years of sleep deprivation, Ank van Leeuwen (86) kept looking for a solution for her restless legs. Her life changed completely when she came across an ad for Relegs.

“I have been battling RLS since I was thirty. In the beginning, the ailment only occurred about twice a week, but ten years ago my symptoms worsened. In recent years, the restless feeling in my legs started in the afternoon and never stopped. I got very tired of it because every time I opened another round. On birthdays I always offered to deliver coffee. Anything not to sit still. When I watched TV, I pedaled from my seat on such a bicycle device with pedals. Also, I used a maximum amount of medicine, ropinirole, which stopped working at some point. I barely slept at night. Due to the lack of sleep became confused and depressed. 'I can't do it anymore', I said desperately to my GP last year.

It turned out that I had mild anemia and the iron pills the doctor prescribed made sure the itchiness in my legs stopped during the day. But at night I still had a lot of trouble with restless legs. Not long after, my hours-long internet search was rewarded with an ad from Relegs. The fact that the device was developed by a doctor who himself has Restless Legs Syndrome gave me a reliable feeling. I liked the first one so much that I quickly ordered a second Relegs.

My life has completely changed now. As soon as I wake up with a tickle in my legs, I stick those devices on my thighs and go back to sleep immediately. I am so thankful that the Relegs came my way. The devices, in combination with tackling my anemia, are the solution for me. Now I take only a few medicines, I can watch television and read a book again and soon I will be going to the theater again. I feel fit and happy again. My life has improved so much!

Occasionally when I sit for a long time, I sometimes feel tingling in my legs. I don't worry about it because if the complaints increase during the day, I know that I can also use the Relegs and get rid of the complaints."

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