Relegs user Marc van Eesbeek: “I now use less medication”

Marc van Eesbeek (71) has been a heavy Restless Legs Syndrome patient since childhood. His quality of life has recently improved greatly thanks to Relegs.

"I now sleep longer and use less medication"

“I've had troubled legs for as long as I can remember. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) makes me feel uncomfortable. Like ants crawling through your lower legs. I sometimes compare the feeling with the tingling that you experience when, for example, the blood supply starts up again from a temporarily clamped body part.

When I am busy, I have little trouble with that weird feeling in my lower legs. But I just can't sit relaxed. That's why I often watch television standing up. I just have to move. That is restless and distracting for my environment. On the plane, I need a seat near the aisle so I can pace. Going to a theater performance is completely difficult. ”

No placebo effect

“I have been taking medicines before going to sleep since I was thirty, which in principle work well against restless legs. Only I had to keep increasing the dose to maintain the same result. Until recently I was on the maximum dose.

When I read about Relegs at the beginning of this year, I immediately thought: this could be interesting for me! I bought one device that I put alternately on the left and right leg in the evening. I immediately felt that it worked. Thanks to Relegs I can now sit for a while and I do not have to constantly walk around. I experimented with the times of using Relegs: right after dinner when I sat down on the couch or a little later. For a while I kept track of when and for how long I used the Relegs. I always felt that it gave me rest in my legs and therefore helped. At first I wondered if this was a placebo operation. I quickly concluded for myself that the device really has an RLS suppressing effect. ”

Medication use halved

“I liked it so much that I started using Relegs at night as well. I also bought a second one: one for each calf. At first it was difficult to keep the tools in place all night. I move my legs quite a bit in my sleep. A type of spasm that could indicate PLMD. In the morning I could go to bed searching. Now I slide a kind of gauze over my legs that is also used when you have a wound. Now the two devices stay securely in place.

Thanks to Relegs, in consultation with my doctor, I have already been able to halve the use of two medicines. I see how far I get with tapering without it having a negative effect on my night's sleep. I also sleep longer now, from extremely little (four hours) to the more acceptable five to six hours a night. I am less tired when getting up, although this is mainly because I have been wearing a special mask for a year now that counteracts my severe sleep apnea.

Thanks to Relegs and the mask, I no longer have the feeling of working through the night when I get up. I feel good about it. It is a nice device. Not too heavy, not too big and you don't have to unplug it if you want to go to the toilet at night.

After decades, I am finally starting to lose my image as a restless person. My environment notices that I can sit longer. It's so nice for my partner that I can watch TV with her on the couch. In addition, Relegs helps me to reduce my medication use. I look forward to the moment when I take a normal dose of pills against RLS again. ”

Photo credits: Mikael Kristenson (Unsplash)

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