Karen has restless legs: 'Thanks to this little device I can sleep all night again'

Karen is one of the first users of Relegs. She was recently interviewed by Margriet. In addition to her video interview that under 'experiences' can be found on our site, now this beautiful article about her experience with Relegs.

The Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) has strongly influenced the life of Karen (55) for more than twenty years. Watching a movie, going to the theater or just going to bed on time was out of the question for a long time, because her restless legs could never really relax her.

"Especially when I was sitting quietly, it started in my left leg and I got the feeling that I really couldn't keep it still."

Restless Legs Syndrome

Karen is not the only one with Restless Legs Syndrome: about half a million Dutch people suffer from it. RLS is a neurological disorder in which you experience an annoying and restless feeling in the legs. This can manifest itself in jitters and tingling, which are especially common at night. And because the symptoms are worst before bedtime, people with this condition often have trouble falling asleep and suffer from insomnia.
Especially when Karen lay down on the couch, sit down or go to bed, the feeling started to play. She calls it wobbly legs. “In the cinema, on a long car ride or in the theater, I just couldn't keep my leg still. People around me got irritated and I couldn't focus anymore."

Sleepless nights

As soon as you move, the feeling of the restless legs disappears; that's the only way for many people to get some relief from the RLS. “The annoying thing is that you have to keep moving, stretch your legs or rub, because when you stop doing that, the feeling comes back,” says Karen. Karen's complaints were also worst in the evening, making it difficult for her to fall asleep. As a result, she had a lot of sleepless nights, resulting in intense fatigue and headaches.

Medicines against RLS

From strong drugs to magnesium supplements, Karen has tried many different things for her Restless Legs Syndrome. The drugs Karen was prescribed for RLS had many side effects. When she heard that these substances can sometimes even be dangerous, she immediately stopped using them.
Like many Restless Legs Syndrome patients, Karen felt she was not taken seriously by her primary care physician. And that while RLS is a condition that has clear consequences on the quality of life. Karen, for example, received nasty comments, including in her environment. “For example, I was often asked if I have ADHD, and if I can't just sit still.”

What can you do about RLS?

Karen owns a skin improvement institute and there she met doctor Casper van Waveren, who also suffers from Restless Legs Syndrome. With his knowledge as a doctor and experience expert, he went in search of a solution to combat the symptoms of RLS. He wanted to find a way to get rid of the complaints without medication – and therefore without side effects.
He found that solution in Relegs®, a small wireless device that stimulates the nerves with special electrical stimuli. A fantastic outcome for Karen: thanks to Relegs® she regained control of her own legs. The unpleasant feeling of the restless legs was finally suppressed, without her having to take medication. The urge to move was greatly reduced and in this way she could sleep peacefully again.

'Quality of life has improved'

“I can again enjoy watching a movie in peace instead of worrying about how to sit to suppress the restless feeling. The focus was completely gone on the fun stuff, and was only on my RLS. Now I can leave the house this way, without having to think about whether I get wobbly legs.” Karen mainly uses the device in the evening or when she goes out for a day. “I put an electrode patch on my left leg at a point where it often starts, then all I have to do is tap it and it works. This way I don't have to think when I go out the door and it also helps me to go to bed quietly so that I can sleep well.”

When asked if Karen would recommend Relegs®, she says yes. “I notice in my skin improvement institute that many customers also wiggle their legs. When I open the conversation, I hear I'm not the only one with RLS. When I tell them about Relegs® and that it has improved my quality of life, I am very grateful that this device came into my life. I can finally sleep peacefully again and enjoy things without being interrupted by my restless legs.”

Thanks to the editors of Margriet.

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