More troubled legs due to working from home?

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More and more people are confined to their homes due to the Corona measures. Less exercise can increase RLS complaints. Many people experience symptoms related to Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) without knowing exactly where this feeling comes from. With RLS complaints you experience a restless, ticklish, burning or cramping feeling in your legs, which gives you the urge to move your legs. The complaints, which are often difficult to describe, mainly occur when your legs go to rest: when you lie down to go to sleep, sit still to watch a movie or sit at your desk to work.

It Restless Legs Syndrome can be the cause of the restless feeling in your legs. Unfortunately, the condition itself cannot be controlled. Fortunately, the symptoms do!

Problems with legs due to working from home
Since the start of the corona pandemic, many people have been home more often. They travel to or from their workplace less often, have fewer outings and thus get less exercise.

Especially when you normally have an active job, for example in the hospitality industry or retail trade, the change in your daily patterns can have an impact. The change in lifestyle and the increase in the number of hours that your legs are in 'rest position' increase the chance of experiencing RLS complaints.

Change in lifestyle
With less exercise, you may develop symptoms similar to RLS. Even if you have never been bothered by it symptoms of RLS these may develop. RLS can affect anyone. A change in lifestyle can be one of the triggers that cause complaints.

More exercise is often heard advice. This is of course always good, but not applicable in all situations that you go into the rest position. The Relegs stimulator is: Relegs works in all situations that you experience RLS complaints. And if it doesn't work for you, return your massager free of charge. Also check out the experiences with Relegs from other users. Maybe their experiences will help you find a solution that works for you.

Restless legs with corona
Fortunately, restless legs are not a symptom of the coronavirus. The restless feeling in your legs has nothing to do with a Covid-19 infection. The change in lifestyle that you have (had to) make due to corona may be a reason that you have started to experience (more) complaints of RLS.

Working from home without restless legs?
Of course you want to get rid of your complaints as quickly as possible. This is not self-evident: The Relegs technique is one of the first methods that provides immediate relief from your RLS complaints in every situation that RLS occurs.

With the Relegs massager you can dampen the restless feeling in your legs with 1 push of a button. You stick the massager on your leg with the supplied plaster. That's all you have to do. Do you experience the restless feeling in your legs? 1 tap on the stimulator and your complaints will be suppressed.

Want to try Relegs yourself?
Read on about how the operation of Relegs helps you. Relegs was co-founded by RLS patient and doctor Casper van Waveren. Read how here Relegs originated, or view the Frequently Asked Questions.

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