Sleep better with RLS? Relegs helps!

A bad night's sleep is a well-known problem for many Dutch people. Certainly for the 6% of the Dutch who suffer from RLS: the Restless Legs Syndrome. RLS causes a restless feeling in your legs, so you have to move them. This feeling occurs especially during rest and at night when you are in bed.

The feeling of restless legs is a daily struggle with oneself for some people. Restless Legs Syndrome may be unknown to others, who are only sporadically affected by this feeling.

A good night's sleep with restless legs

Although this condition is a known problem, it is difficult to cure RLS complaints. Well-known methods such as changing lifestyle or medication do not always give the desired effect.

The restless feeling in your legs can have a major impact on your night's sleep. When you lie relaxed, the restless feeling arises. You have the urge to move your legs while you actually want to sleep. This is disastrous for your night's sleep.
Fortunately, there is now the Relegs stimulator that offers a solution that immediately 'switches off' or reduces your complaints.

How can you sleep better with complaints?

You can prevent bad nights due to RLS with Relegs. This technique was co-designed with technology from the European Space Agency in Noordwijk and ensures that with a small device you can safely and easily muffle the restless feeling.

The device is so small that you can use it safely in bed without having to take into account how and where you lie down. The active contrast simulation works against your complaints, so that the urge to move your legs decreases. This way you can enjoy a night's rest again.

What does Relegs do for your night's sleep?

Do you want to get your restless legs under control? Our massager with accompanying plaster is all you need. By tapping on the stimulator, you muffle the restless feeling. This way you can fall asleep peacefully and safely and get up rested.

The responses from RLS patients, who have already tried Relegs, are promising. Do you also want to try Relegs carefree? That's possible, order it here. And don't forget: if it doesn't work for you, you can just return your Relegs and get your money back.

Relegs: the snooze button for your RLS

Co-founder of Relegs, Casper van Waveren, is a phlebologist and RLS patient. He was looking for a solution for his RLS with immediate effect and without side effects. Are you curious if Relegs is something for you? read here continue or order your own model directly.

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