Visiting Asje Palland: “Thanks to Relegs I can fall asleep again quickly.”

Casper, creator of Relegs and himself an RLS patient, occasionally visits Relegs users from the first hour to see how things are going. He is curious what they think of Relegs? And especially to find out how and whether Relegs works for them.

Asje Palland wrote the following to Casper after a visit.

Dear Casper,

Here are my experiences with Relegs. I have suffered from restless legs for years. Especially when I sit still my legs start to play up.

For the night I use 4 tablets of pramipexole that I take a few hours before going to sleep so that I do not suffer when I go to sleep. Usually it goes well at night, although it sometimes happens that I wake up at night with the annoying feeling in my legs.

During the day it often happens that when I sit quietly, my legs also suffer. Since I already use quite a lot of pramipexole, I cannot use pills for that. Moreover, they only work after a few hours. That's why I bought Relegs. I place this when my legs hurt on my calf, and my experience is that my legs usually relax quickly. Even if I do get trouble at night, I can quickly fall asleep again thanks to the Relegs. I can easily set the intensity of the Relegs to the desired strength, because it differs per time how much you feel from the electrodes.

I am very satisfied with the purchase of the Relegs. It often helps to place the Relegs on one leg, but if it's quite heavy I don't think this is enough, that's why I buy a second Releg to achieve a little more comfort.

Ashe Palland

Learn more about Relegs, view our video with an explanation of how it works and benefits. Or sleep better and order your Relegs now.


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