Visiting Ruud Bouwmans: “The Relegs works.”

The Relegs work!

About 10 years ago, while on holiday in Malaysia, I first suffered from restless legs. When that got worse over time, I ended up with a neurologist via my GP. Where it became clear that I had to learn to live with this inconvenience. There was no cure for this sometimes very unpleasant feeling. Especially in the evening on the couch, in bed, but also during a cinema or theater visit. When I heard from a squash buddy about the development of a device that would take the discomfort out of my restless legs, I immediately registered as an interested party. When I received a message months later that the first version was available, I ordered it immediately, despite my son's skepticism. The simple device really helped. Apply the Relegs to the unpleasant feeling and within a few minutes the restlessness in my legs is gone. Although I mainly have the restlessness in my right leg and apply the Relegs there on my calf, it actually seems to help the (lesser) restlessness in my left leg at the same time! Recently Casper, the creator and developer of this ingenious device, came by for feedback. In the meantime, based on the experiences of the first users, the software has been adapted so that the settings or intensity can be adjusted to individual needs. To the people who (perhaps given the price) are hesitant to purchase, I would like to say, 'the Relegs works'! It is also a very reassuring thought to know that when the unrest returns, there is an immediate solution at hand. I can not live without!

Ruud Bouwmans, Bussum

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