Visiting Tiny Berger: “Nothing helped!”


I have been suffering from the restless legs for about 35 years, it is a hereditary issue in my family, my father and mother had it and my 3 daughters also suffer from it, so it seems no gender skip.

The effect of the restless legs has changed since about 3 years. Although I suffered from it for many years, it was still manageable, sometimes it was a bit, then again for weeks. It has become more intense since about 10 years, but it was still possible to deal with it. Since the first hip surgery in October 2018 it has become so bad that it took over my whole life, there were days and nights when it went on continuously and then in the evenings and nights at its worst. It was a battle of exhaustion, in the morning I got up very tired after another night full of attacks of restless legs, mostly on the left leg but that was also my operated hip, the rest went back and forth from left to right.

How many pills I have swallowed have no idea, acupuncture etc. but nothing helps. After the second hip surgery in February 2021, it all got even worse. Now had other pills again after a visit to the Neurologist. The restless legs just got worse.

The contact with the people of Relegs is very nice. When I order new plasters, I have them within 2 days. So nothing but good.

I am most surprised that I have a good feeling about it especially before the day. When I feel the restless coming, I immediately tap the device and then I usually prevent the restlessness in the leg. And I think that's a miracle that no pill could beat until now, this device from Relegs does. At night, the attacks of restlessness are still very much present but slightly less intense than before.

Cordial greetings,

Tiny Berger-van der Leeden

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