Restless legs during your pregnancy

RLS and pregnancy

You want to relax and unwind, but your legs feel like they want to keep moving. A tingling sensation in your legs, sometimes burning, itching or cramping. And that precisely when you want to take a rest.

Restless legs during your pregnancy is a well-known problem: you are not the only one with these complaints. The restless feeling is known as RLS: Restless Legs Syndrome. Fortunately, the Relegs solution can immediately relieve your complaints, so that you can relax.

What are restless legs?
Restless legs - Restless Legs Syndrome - is actually a neurological condition. Your brain sends signals to your legs, which gives you the feeling that you have to move them. RLS complaints can occur to anyone and are difficult to resolve.

You especially suffer from RLS when your legs are in a resting position. If you lie in bed to go to sleep or if you have to sit still for a long time, the complaints quickly arise. Very annoying, because that way you don't get the chance to rest.

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Why do I suffer during pregnancy?
It is a frequently asked question: why do I suffer from restless legs during my pregnancy? Unfortunately, the exact cause is not known. Iron deficiency may play a role during pregnancy. This is because low iron is associated with RLS. Other factors that could play a role are nerve compression or the development of varicose veins during pregnancy. 

Not only pregnant women can suffer from RLS. It is possible for everyone to suffer from RLS complaints. In women and pregnant women, the complaints occur more often than average.

When can I get restless legs during pregnancy?
You can get RLS at any time, but usually in the last 3 months of pregnancy. The complaints are most noticeable when you lie in bed or sit still for a long time, but can also occur at other times.

In some cases, symptoms were occasionally present (unnoticed) even before pregnancy, but this was intensified during pregnancy. In many cases, the complaints are the most severe during pregnancy, and this decreases afterwards. It is also possible that you will continue to suffer from the complaints until long after your pregnancy.

Pregnant and RLS: What Can I Do?
A lot of research has been done on RLS and its possible solutions. The most common solutions focus on lifestyle changes or the use of medication. Do you not want to take medication? Maybe Relegs is the solution for you.

Relief for your restless legs during the pregnancy
Relegs offers a solution that is suitable for pregnant women. The handy massager ensures that you can muffle the restless feeling for a long time with one click of a button. View here how the effect of Relegs offers you salvation.

How Relegs works
You can see and read how the Relegs stimulator works this page. Curious what other users think of Relegs? Then first view the experiences with Relegs from other users.

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