Frequently Asked Questions

What is Relegs?

Relegs is a wireless electrostimulator specially developed for people with restless legs, also known as restless legs syndrome (RLS). In accordance with the Medical Devices Act, Relegs is classified and certified as a class IIa medical device.

At what times do I use Relegs?

Relegs can be used in all situations where RLS occurs, in bed when you want to go to sleep, but also when you sit for a longer period of time; at home on the couch, at work, during a night out (cinema, theater), while traveling in the car, bus or plane.

How is Relegs operated?

Relegs has no buttons and is operated simply by tapping on them. Tap twice for on / off and tap once to set the strength of the stimulation. Relegs can be used under clothing. The flat design and simple operation ensure comfortable use, without anyone in the vicinity noticing or seeing it.

Does Relegs work immediately?

Yes. Relegs is attached to the calf and stimulates the nerves with harmless electrical stimuli. This contrast simulation provides direct relief for the troubled legs and reduces the urge to move them.

Is Relegs Safe?

Yes. Relegs is safe when used properly. Read the instructions for use before use. For safe night use, Relegs has a unique peel-off detection system, which means that Relegs switches off if the electrode patch (partly) loosens from the skin.

Medication doesn't help my restless legs, does Relegs help?

Relegs is suitable for anyone who suffers from restless legs. Also for RLS patients who use medication for this, but where the medication does not work or does not work adequately, or who prefer not to use medication for this.

Can I combine Relegs with medicines?

Yes. Relegs can be combined with medicines without any problems. Relegs can be a very good addition to RLS medication if medication alone does not have enough effect. At a later date, Relegs may even be able to reduce the medication or omit it altogether. Discuss this with a doctor.

Is Relegs Painful?

No. Relegs should feel comfortable. For a good effect, you can choose the highest acceptable intensity below your pain threshold. Sometimes it can happen that while using Relegs, there is a cramp or an uncomfortable stinging sensation in the calf. The intensity must then be adjusted downwards.

Does Relegs also have any adverse effects?

No. Relegs can be used at any time, day and night. As far as is known, Relegs has no adverse effects, as can occur with medicines.

Should Relegs be prescribed or do I need a prescription?

No, Relegs does not have to be prescribed by prescription. Relegs can be purchased directly from this website.

How do I know if Relegs is working for me?

Research has been conducted into the effectiveness of Relegs. Patients indicate that they benefit greatly from Relegs. They experience fewer complaints of restless legs and sleep better. It is known that Relegs can give more effect on one day than the next, depending on the condition on a particular day.

How do the electrode patches work?

Relegs consists of two core elements: a stimulator and an electrode patch. The electrode patches have been specially developed for Relegs and ensure optimal conduction of the active neurostimulation.

Two plasters are supplied as standard with the purchase of one Relegs model. Relegs can therefore immediately be used as a solution to the complaints of RLS. The patches can then be ordered separately (4 patches at a time).

The patches have an adhesive layer covered with the protective film and one side with two magnetic push buttons to which the stimulator is to be attached. The adhesive side can be stuck to the skin of the calf as soon as the protective film has been removed.

Attention! Relegs® must not be switched on when attaching to the electrode patch!

After use, remove the stimulator from the electrode patch and gently remove the electrode patch from the skin. Stick the electrode patch back on the protective film and keep it in the resealable plastic bag to prevent it from drying out. Take care not to put your fingers on the conductive hydrogel. Use the finger grips on the edge of the electrode patch. Attention! Never remove the electrode patch together with Relegs® from the skin, especially when it is still switched on!

Do not throw away the protective film !!

The electrode patch can be reused after treatment. To store the patch, the protective foil should be put back on the sticky side of the patch. The patch works as long as the adhesive layer is strong enough and remains on the skin when the stimulator is attached to it. This differs per person and skin type and partly depends on the frequency of use. On average, an electrode patch can be used for a month.

Are there people who shouldn't use Relegs?

People with a pacemaker, active implant (defibrillator) or other metal or electronic implant should not use Relegs. Relegs should not be used for up to 6 months after a deep vein thrombosis. In case of heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias, consult a doctor first. Relegs is not suitable for persons with a psychological emotional disturbance or reduced mental abilities.

Can I return Relegs?

Mocht je niet tevreden zijn over Relegs, dan kan je dit aangeven via ‘mijn account’ op deze website. Je krijgt dan verzendingsinstructies. Als je binnen 30 dagen Relegs terugstuurt ontvang je je geld terug. Relegs dient wel in originele verpakking en met bon geretourneerd te worden.

How do I know if Relegs is in the right place on the body?

Relegs are designed to be placed on the calf. This is because RLS complaints are usually experienced in the calf. But everyone experiences RLS complaints differently, everyone reacts differently to electrical stimulation. Place Relegs where the most complaints are experienced and where it feels most comfortable.

I have complaints of RLS in both legs, on which leg do I place Relegs?

Use Relegs on the leg where most complaints are experienced. The complaints will also diminish in the other leg. For an optimal effect, it may sometimes be necessary to use Relegs on both legs with severe complaints.

Relegs does not work, why does an orange light come on?

Relegs is attached to the skin with an electrode patch. With a unique patented technology, Relegs detects whether the electrode patch makes good contact with the skin. If not, an orange light will illuminate and Relegs will turn itself off. First make sure the electrode patch makes good contact with the skin and then try again. It is also possible that the electrode patch is no longer making good contact because it has been used up and needs to be replaced.

How do I charge Relegs?

Relegs charges by placing it in the charger. The charger must be connected to the power supply via a USB mains adapter or via the PC. Make sure Relegs is properly placed in the charger, with the charging points touching each other.

Relegs is in the charger, but the charging light is not working, what's wrong?

When Relegs is charging, a green indicator light will flash, but if the battery is very empty it may take a few minutes before the indicator light starts flashing green.

How do I maintain Relegs?

Relegs is maintenance free.

How long does an electrode patch last?

Once out of the package, an electrode patch will last up to 1 month. An electrode patch can be used up to 10 times. The life of an electrode patch depends very much on the care with which it is used and stored. Follow the instructions in the user manual.

Can I also use other electrode patches?

No. Only use Relegs with the supplied electrode patches. These can be ordered via this website.

Is Relegs reimbursed by the insurer?

No. Relegs is not reimbursed by the health insurance company. The insurance may offer reimbursement through the supplementary insurance. For those who use medication, these often fall under the deductible and with Relegs there is a chance that these costs can be (partially) saved in the future.

Where can I order Relegs?

Relegs is currently only available online through this website

What is the delivery time of Relegs?

We strive to process the order as quickly as possible. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in the Netherlands. In general, it takes 2-3 business days to deliver your order.

We are still in the early stages of our business and it can sometimes be the case that the stock does not meet the demand of all RLS patients. Of course we try to have enough models in stock and to communicate about them as openly, quickly and effectively as possible.

Which countries can Relegs be shipped to?

Relegs is CE certified and is currently only delivered in the Netherlands.

What quality guarantees apply?

With normal use, a warranty of 24 months applies to Relegs products. To be able to make a valid claim under the warranty, the receipt is required as proof of purchase, which can be found in 'my account'. If you are not satisfied after purchase, the product can be returned within 30 days in the original packaging with receipt and the purchase amount will be refunded.

In case of a complaint about Relegs, always first contact the service center via

How does Relegs guarantee the quality?

Relegs and our suppliers are ISO13485 certified, the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems in the medical industry. This shows that Relegs meets the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive.